Zeta Iota Sigma Chapter Sigma Beta Club Entrepreneurship, Minority Owned Businesses & Job Development Training

My name is Manny Alboher. I am a member of the Zeta Iota Sigma Chapter Sigma Beta Club in Delray Beach, FL. Our last meeting was December 2nd, and I would like to share my view on our last SBC meeting.

Our meeting was inspirational and had a very intelligent guest speaker on how to make a good small business, and how to make your small business a success. The meeting was hosted at the Florida Atlantic University campus in Boca Raton, FL. That was my first time there, and it showed me how important this club is, and how much they care.

Back to our speaker. Ms. Tonya Johnson had us thinking about what connections to make, how to make them, and all the steps in-between. From having a basic idea to making your small company worldwide. She went through this little “activity” or little run-through that she had obviously done before, and albeit was simple, just saying your name, how old you are, what school you go to and what grade, stating what you desire to be when you grow up and a simple handshake.

She wanted to see how firm and loud you answered her questions, and how much pride you had in your handshake. She watched to see if you looked into her eyes, and she looked right back. After that small walk-through, we were told that we would be split into two teams, to discuss a plan of making our very own small business. Long story short, the other team came back and presented their idea first. It was something like a sports clinic to help athletes get better at the game and get back in the game. Now our team was different. We had thought of a mall with two-three stories, 20+ stores, and an Ikea and storage unit, a gym, etc. And to make it, oh boy the connections we had thought of! Mayors, contractors, top officials, you name it! Once that was over, we said our goodbyes to her and we took a group photo with a plaque of all of our names written down as part of the Sigma Beta Club. I was proud. Being a part of Sigma Beta is being part of a family. A place you can turn to for help and shelter. A place where one can be happy, healthy, and loved.

When that was over, we all bid farewell and parted off.

The Sigma Beta Club is a wonderful asset to our community. I love my brothers with all of my heart.