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At the National Sigma Beta Club Foundation, our mission is clear: to empower young males with the tools they need to succeed in life. We achieve this by instilling wholesome values, providing leadership skills, enhancing education, offering business training, and nurturing social and cultural awareness. Through organized programs and unified efforts, we guide these young minds toward a future filled with possibilities, ensuring they reach their full potential.

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Our impact resonates in the success stories of the young minds we nurture. Meet individuals whose lives were transformed through Sigma Beta Clubs. From academic achievements to community leadership, their stories stand as a testament to the power of mentorship and support. Discover how Sigma Beta Club Foundation has been instrumental in their journey toward excellence.

Building Futures,
One Program at a Time.

Academic Enrichment & Mentoring

Club members receive academic assistance and leadership development at the elementary, middle and high school levels. This happens through one-on-one and group approaches to tutoring of Sigma Beta Club members and after school and weekend tutoring by Alumni and Collegiate members in various academic and professional disciplines. Additionally, Sigma Beta Clubs develop partnerships with local institutions, inclusive of colleges and universities, community colleges and trade schools.

Sigma Against Teenage Pregnancy Plus

The primary area of focus of the SATAPP Program is providing Sigma Beta Club members with tools they need to make smart choices about healthy lifestyles that will help lead to responsible fatherhood later in life.

Job Training, Savings and Investment

Club members increase their awareness of business ownership as well as the importance of saving and investing at an early age. Club members also learn about various professions via internships, job shadowing, and other avenues to visit job sites.

Childhood Obesity Initiative

The Sigma Beta Club Foundation’s Child Obesity Initiative focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. The primary objective is reducing weight and reversing the poor health of adolescents at an early age through the following principles:

  • Stepping into shape
  • Eating healthy
  • Exercising daily
  • Knowing the obesity facts
  • Learning how to grow your own food
  • Self-esteem matters
  • Advocacy

Community Service & Enrichment Programs

Sigma Beta Club members are required to conduct a variety of community service projects. These may include but are not limited to serving the elderly, March of Dimes: March for Babies, Sickle Cell Centers, visiting children in hospitals, volunteering at their library, working with children with disabilities, cleaning up their neighborhood, etc.

In addition to our organization-wide initiatives, local clubs also participate in a variety of enrichment programs that cover the following categories:

  • Cultural: art shows, plays, concerts, museums
  • Social: parties, parents’ day, cook-outs, movies
  • Athletic: football, baseball, golf, basketball, bowling
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Sigma Beta Club

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Together, we can inspire, mentor, and transform. Donate today, volunteer your time, or explore partnership opportunities. Let’s work hand in hand to create a brighter future for our youth.


Epsilon Sigma Chapter is very proud of our former Sigma Beta Club member who became a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. through the Alpha Chapter at Howard University in 2020. He earned his degree from Howard University in 2023. Keep Rising!

Epsilon Sigma Chapter

Zyon Omari Doughty is a 2022 Honor Graduate of Oscar Smith High School. Zyon ascertained 4.5gpa on a weighted scale while matriculating at Oscar Smith High School. Furthermore, he was a part of the International Baccalaureate program, an offensive and defensive lineman for the Oscar Smith High School Football State Champions and received over one million dollars in scholarship offers. As Cyber Security Major at Norfolk State University he has maintained over a 3.0 GPA, interned with MITRE Government Contractor as a Cybersecurity Analyst and maintained employment with Five Guys.

Zyon Omari Doughty

Jason Harvey, the son of Frat Brother Keith Harvey, exemplifies a remarkable success story within the Sigma Beta Club community. His journey began as a participant in Sigma Beta Club meetings alongside his father during his formative years in elementary school. Joining officially in 6th grade, Jason initially grappled with shyness and struggled to engage actively with his peers. However, over time, he honed his communication skills, becoming an adept listener, thinker, and speaker. This growth translated into academic success during his high school years. Upon graduating, Jason pursued higher education at Morgan State University, where he pledged the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Gamma chapter. His dedication and hard work culminated in the attainment of a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. Despite his accomplishments, Jason remains grounded and committed to giving back to the Sigma Beta Club community. He returned as a speaker to share his experiences and insights with young Sigma Beta Club members, offering valuable perspectives on college life. Jason's exemplary character and contributions have earned him the respect and admiration from the brothers of the Nu Sigma Sigma Alumni Chapter.

Jason Harvey

It is our pleasure to highlight and showcase our very own Noah Lawanga. Noah has been a member of our Sigma Beta Club since its inception year of 2018. Noah attended and graduated with high Honors from Yorktown High School in Yorktown, NY. During his spare time, he volunteered with the Community Ambulance Services and he was a certified Lifeguard. While a member of the Sigma Beta Club, Noah held the position of Secretary. He was very instrumental in making sure the SBC Calendar was up to date and meeting minutes were reviewed and submitted in a timely manner. One of the finest and proudest moments for the SBC Advisors is when Noah received his acceptance letter to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We all felt like proud fathers/uncles as the emotions ran high through us all. Recently, Noah sent this message to our SBC Advisor David Vandiver: “What up Uncle Dave. I am doing well. I hope all is good with you. I miss you all and thank you to the Sigma Beta Club for being a part of my life!”

Noah Lawanga

These young men were some of our 72 charter members, who today are continuing to carry on the lessons the obtained while members of our Sigma Beta Club. Today some are members of Phi Beta Sigma, Fraternity, Inc., some work in finance, cyber security, computer software, engineering, Human Resources for fortune 500 companies just to name a few professions. To this day from time to time westill hear from these young men as they continue to share their life’s journeys with us.

Kappa Upsilon Sigma

Epsilon Sigma Chapter is proud of Bro Brian Hardy for becoming a member of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter Fall 23'. Brian "B.Easssy" Hardy join the Sigma Beta Club and age 12 and stayed a member until he turned 18. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree Purchase College in 2022. He now works for NIKE United and is an advisor for the chapter's Sigma Beta Club.

Bro Brian Hardy

Brother Jaden Felder was a member of the Darryl L. Coates' Sigma Beta Clubs of Philadelphia for 5 years. He is a Fall 2023 Initiate of the Lambda Upsilon Chapter (West Chester University). He is a Sophomore majoring in Communications with a minor in Finance (GPA 3.0) When asked about his #SBCPhilly experience, he stated, “I loved it because Advisors helped me develop from a Sigma Beta to a Man of SIGMA.

Brother Jaden Felder

David, one of our outstanding Young Sigma Beta Club Kings, attended the HBCU College Fair sponsored by Alfred Street Baptist Church. David is currently enrolled in the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts. He is a talented and gifted individual!