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What You’re Giving To

The money you have donated to the National Sigma Beta Club Foundation will be used to provide scholarship opportunities for senior Sigma Beta Club members throughout the United States and abroad who are graduating from high school and who desire to attend a college or university of their choice. Additionally, your tax exempt donations will be used to support and enhance the development and implementation of various programs, projects and activities of Sigma Beta Clubs and members, inclusive of, but not limited to seminars, forums, workshops, class sessions, and recognition and achievement programs with the ultimate goals of mentoring and developing leadership skills and attributes of our Sigma Beta Club members and other participants. This is accomplished through a unified  “On the Job Training and Financial Investment Program” in Bigger and Better Business, a “Tutorial and Achievement Program” in Education, a Sigma Against Teenage Pregnancy Plus Program, and Health and Wellness Programs in Social Action  at the chapter, regional, state, and national levels within our Sigma Beta Clubs.