Recap: 2015 Illinois Sigma Beta Club Leadership Conference

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On Saturday September 12, 2015 approximately 53 Sigma Beta Club members, along with Club Coordinators and Advisors from the six Illinois chapters sponsoring Sigma Beta Club’s, assembled at Illinois State University for the 2015 Illinois Sigma Beta Club Leadership Conference. Epsilon Chi chapter of Illinois State University and the Kappa Mu Sigma chapter of Bloomington, Illinois served as exceptional host, making the conference experience phenomenal.

Sigma Beta Club members were greeted by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity members upon their arrival. Additionally, Sigma Beta Club members received greetings from the Illinois Sigma Beta Club Coordinator, Brother Shelton Smith, highlighting the Phi Beta Sigma initiative, I Am My Brother’s Keeper. Brother Smith spoke with passion, delivering a message that Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is committed to helping each Sigma Beta Club member reach their full potential in life. Following Brother Smith, Dr. Brent Paterson, Illinois State University’s Vice President of Student Affairs presented the SBC with greetings, motivating them to prepare for higher scholastics, with hope that our Sigma Beta Club students will consider I.S.U. in their future. These were very exciting introductions, serving to open our Illinois SBC conference.

The Illinois Sigma Beta Club Leadership Conference agenda highlights included:

  • An interactive icebreaker from Kappa Mu Sigma chapter which required SBC members to bond in act in unison.
  • An empowering session on Roberts Rules of Order,
  • A “how to manage an effective meeting” seminar,
  • Restorative Justice Leadership training,
  • An Illinois State University college tour,
  • A private lunch with a variety of delicious buffet options,
  • A focus on the National SBC Wellness Initiative Child Obesity Prevention,
  • A healthy meal prepared by Chef David Blackmon,
  • The Law and You; 10 Rules of Survival if stopped or approached by the police,
  • And Social Media Branding and Imaging.

Each Sigma Beta Club member received a backpack filled with school supplies as their conference gift, a souvenir packet from Illinois State University, and a conference certificate of completion signed by the Phi Beta Sigma Illinois State Director, Bro. Richard Brown and the Illinois Sigma Beta Club Coordinator, Bro. Shelton Smith.

Illinois Sigma Beta Clubs thanks our donors Trinity United Church of Christ, Quizno’s restaurant in U.I.C. Village, and Chicago Public School Professional’s. Our Illinois SBC leaders, are looking forward to progressing further, with productive program planning. Stayed tuned.

Richard D. Brown M.A.
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., Illinois State Director